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We contact our best ribbon suppliers to find the ribbon of your choice and convert it into beautiful hand tied bows. Here are only but a few ribbon descriptions from the many choices available:


Eco-friendly. It is 100% natural material, made from Jute fiber that creates a chic rustic look. Very trendy. Wired or non-wired.

100% natural material, and lighter than burlap.

Raffia Synthetic
While it looks like a natural texture, soft to the touch, all strings are the same. Innumerable combinations can be made. The light weight and bulk packaging results in very low shipping cost.

Acetate Ribbon (Satin Acetate)
Comprised of cellulose fiber and wood pulp. Popular for weddings, floral arrangements, or party work/events. Demand is very strong. Holds up under high humidity conditions.

Dyna Satin
100% polyester slit satin ribbons, light weight that offers the luxury of a fine woven satin ribbon at a much lower price. Vibrant colors and rich texture. Use for weddings, baby showers, floral designs.

Double Satin
Type of ribbon with a smooth Satin finish on both sides, while the SINGLE SATIN only shines on only one. Perfect for a double loop knot bow. Popular in the gift and food wrapping.

Made for perfect loops in bow. Has a subtle shimmer and great variety of both pastels and deep hue, rich colors. Rates high in gift products.

Gross Grain (Grosgrain)
Heavy ribbed, stiff woven ribbon, made of synthetic fibers, including polyester and nylon. Very durable and a favorite for vase arrangements. Modern patterns and lots of solid colors available.

Poly Flora Satin
Weatherproof and very low cost. It is the very best ribbon for refrigerators in super markets, convenient stores or hospitals. A very wide variety of colors, metallic, and prints for all holidays and events. Most affordable of all. Keeps its shape for years regardless of being exposed to water.

Wired Sheer
Perfect for its versatility in sheer organzas, wired edge. Whether a pattern or a solid color, its elegant look gives added value to a gift.

Polyvelvet (Veltex)
A flocked, waterproof ribbon, with poly flora satin backing. By far, the most popular ribbon during Christmas Season. A great addition for outdoor fences, lamps, trees, wreaths.

Fabric Wired-Edge Ribbon
These ribbon styles are found in many of the above categories. Their flexibility of textures and patterns allows us to bulk pack tight for great savings in shipping costs. They are easily reshaped and fluffed and the possibilities to create a flamboyant look are limitless.


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